Possible to get a purchase credit refund?

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    Hi J Novel,

    I just checked the latest volume 7 of the Greatest Magicmaster and realized that I missed out on volume 6 while swapping between novels. So I used 1 purchase credit thinking that I couldn't read volume 6 for free anymore since the button said "Buy the e-Book" instead of "Read the prepub", then I realized that it was still readable now... Is it possible to get a refund as I don't want to waste that 1 purchase credit for something I've been keeping up with and can actually read for free?



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    Yes, just send an email to support@j-novel.club.

    Edit: my apologies, I was mistaken in saying it was possible.

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    Hi all,

    I'm quite disappointed with the support team's reply so far, do let me know if this incident has happened to you before so we can NOT waste that credit that we spent our money on.

    "Hi Yuki,

    We apologize for the information you received. We cannot honor refund requests after the full ebook is available as customers may have already downloaded the ebook. Please note that prepub parts have their expiration timeframe clearly labeled on our website, and they disappear completely from both our website and our app after they are expired.

    J-Novel Club Support Team"

    My reply to them:

    "Hi J Novel,

    I've read at least 100 books on your website on my phone for the past year, and I have never once seen the expiry date that you mentioned. Also, why would you make the prepub still available to read for free if you label it as "Buy the E-book" on the volume tab for The Greatest Magicmaster? Isn't this confusing to the premium members?

    I don't mind spending the money/credit if I actually DID miss the update to the volume that is readable for free, but in this case isn't this your system's fault for causing this misunderstanding in the first place?

    I am also going to post this reply on the forum so I can see what other members have to say.



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    @YukiSnow Hi there! You can see the expiration date on our website. Parts are completely removed once they expire, so it should be very clear once a volume has expired. Prepubs have always been left up for members to read for a couple weeks/up to a month after the book has been released for those readers who wait for the book to finish being translated before reading it.

    I'm sorry you didn't realize the prepub was not expired, but as explained, we cannot refund a book that is already available as you could simply download it then request a refund.


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    I have no comment on whether the refund "should" be allowed, but if you're looking for a non-staff comment on the existence of expiration dates...

    Yes, the expiration dates have always been there and the format of them has not changed.

    In the first year or two, the expiration dates were sometimes inaccurate with a non-negligible frequency. But recently (at least a full year), I haven't noticed such inaccuracies, so I don't think that point is very relevant to the conversation at hand.

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