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  • To start off with, I chose to try out regular membership, but I'm now looking at going for the premium option. If i upgrade, how will I be affected. I kinda left it too late and my payment has left my bank account today, but I'm unsure when the best time to upgrade will be. If I do it now, will I be charged another £10, or will it start when my current month ends? Or could I be charged a top-up and make the current month premium? That would be ideal.

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    @Zac_Is_Bad You can upgrade any time and you will get a prorated discount for whatever you have "left" from your current subscription (the checkout will tell you exactly how much that is).

    So for example if you subscribed monthly and 15 days later upgrade, you'd get a ~$2.50 credit for the premium subscription. ($10.95-$2.50 = $8.45 for the first month).

  • @Sam-Pinansky awesome cheers for the info

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    Glad I read this.

    I as having trouble buying the premium and opted for the regular.

    Surprise surprise, when I went to upgrade not 10 minutes later i would have to pay first price.

    I'm not willing to let 4.95 credit sit while I upgrade when I just wanted to evaluate one months service. I'd rather wait for the book to be released on Amazon.

    Btw, I'm only really interested in one book, and at the price difference, I'm better to wait.

    Why did I opt for the regular? When submitting my card all it said was card declined. Not insufficient funds, not invalid exp, not wrong security code, but just declined.

    This was problematic for me as I use a pay as you go preload card for online purchases, and I'm converting to USD.

    $14 Canadian should have been enough... now it looks obviously wasn't as the regular went through just fine.

    *Edit: My issue was covered on its own support forum entry, thanks!.

    It gave me an immediate credit on the upgrade.*

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