Duchess of the attic

  • I think that this could potentially be a good light novel to translate

  • @zenzen thanks to the king that moved it to suggestions I was trying to figure out how to do that

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    @zenzen can you give me a little more details about the story?

  • @Lily-Garden So basically the mc was accused of sleeping around and became unmarrageable except for this clown of a Duke who needed cash. So she marries him in return for him getting cash but like I said he's a clown and fawns over this sick servants daughter and basically locks away his new wife in the attic. All the servants hate her. No one respects her. But she tries to do her job and fix the dukes land. She finds out a servant has been steeling funds to gamble and the Duke won't hear it so she uses her big brain to get the Duke to sign the land over to her and the story follows the mc slowly fixing the land and gaining the respect of those of the dukes home who surround her.

    It's only like 92 chapters so I'm not sure how many volumes but I'd really like to read the full story legally and the spoilers don't mention much on what happens with the girl the Duke fawns over.

    It also has a manga

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    If I recall correctly this was 2 arcs and thus 2 full volumes prior to completion.

    It is a great series which I found a lot of, though introduced initially as a manga for me before finding the light novel.

    I would easily buy this if I went under license, especially under the Heart series

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    I’m in. No cheats, magic, reincarnation or isekai, just a strong-willed MC pushing for what’s right? I’ve been on a fantasy kick for a while, but I can’t deny the appeal.

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