The greatest maficmaster's retirement plan vol 6 page numbering.

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    Is there a reason why the volume mentioned in the title, at least on Google's Play books, has roman number as page number for the chapters, and then Arabic number for the sections after the Afterword?

  • Premium Member states: "When publishers wish to distinguish between the front matter and the story, the initial title pages are not numbered, the front matter is numbered using lower-case Roman numerals (i, ii, iii...) and the first page of the story or main content begins with 1."

    It is possible that when JNC moved illustrations from the start of the books to the end they accidentally moved the 'start of book' indicator and so Play Books mistakenly thinks that nearly everything is 'front matter'.

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    That sound like this is not intentional.

    Can it be fixed soon?

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    @Skipper I would encourage you to contact Google Support, as however you're reading it, the page numbers are being inserted by that program or possibly by Google Play. I have uploaded a new version of the EPUB to Google, which may take up to 72 hours to process, but I cannot guarantee that will fix anything as we do not control how Play Books displays page numbers, and their instructions do not specify how the EPUB needs to be formatted with regards to page numbers.

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