Loving Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest so far. What do you guys think of this LN?

  • Loving Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest so far. Kinda gives me a Tokyo Ghoul vibe, but that's what makes it an awesome read. I only started reading it yesterday night and I'm already caught up. Can't wait for part 7, or better said can't wait for the whole volume to be done

  • Loved that drawing of Kaori in that night gown. And overall I like this LN too.
    Apparently on Japan amazon it was half half due to some people thinking they were lied to since the protagonist didn't really get OP from his original weak skill but rather got OP from the "potion" + gaining other skills from eating monsters.
    But I tend to have a soft spot for any Light novel or story with a more dark tone to it.

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    As usual, I'm not happy that of the very few illustrations we get is a naked underage looking girl. Of all the monsters, locations, scenes and world building that could have been done, we get a naked 12 year old. It happens in just about every light novel, but it irritates me every time nonetheless. Aside from that, It's a fun read. The only thing I'm worried about is how bad the power creep is going to be for the MC to keep improving. I'm suitably intrigued with the setting and characters to continue reading regardless though, I want to see what's at the bottom of the dungeon.

  • @Siphonario What can i say? Sex sells. Also it's fiction, not a real underage girl. If you want to see how the monsters look Arifureta does have a manga too. I kinda read the manga first so I already have images of how everything looks. The manga is only like very very slightly ahead of the LN here.

  • It's nice to see this concept in a more mature book. And by mature, I don't just mean the slightly explicit sex, but the overall tone and development of the characters and what makes them tick. At the same time, the book never forgets it's a light novel, the plot is simple and the action comes quickly for a fun read. (Even though, at 100 000 words, it has much more heft than usual for LN.). I'm very much looking forward to the sequel.

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    Really enjoy it and it's the reason I became a member of this place. Very much looking forward to each new part.

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    @Siphonario You know, she can look small, but she is a few hundred years old lolibaba :D (Just joke, Yue is cute)

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    Arifureta is indeed great, the main reason I signed up. Just hope it ends up popular enough to get a physical release down the line

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