About certain sword in Campione

  • Ok I’m currently reading Campione (obviously) and another annoying thing strike me again.
    It’s about the translation of the sword Kusanagi no tsurugi. IS IT AME OR AMA no murakumo no tsurugi? From my experience it should be ame but in the book it says ama which is actually annoy the hell out of me. I did look through wiki and I actually found both....plz help T T. 天叢雲剣 < kanji for this sword but I have absolutely no idea what it says.

    Can somebody enlighten me?

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    @deadpoetc Wikipedia has it as Ame, for what it’s worth.

  • @EmpactWB well when I searched for this exact word “campione ama no murakumo” the first one that pop out is campione fandom wiki and the link said ame no mur… but the content inside said Ama no mur... is god of steel and bla bla bla. I save the ss on my ipad but I don’t think I can use picture here I think?

    Thx for answer anyway, it’s just some stupid curiosity.

  • I am not familiar with Campione, but fwiw the Japanese wikipedia for the series lists it as 'ama no murakumo no tsurugi'. Though technically 天叢雲剣 can be read both ways so it depends whether it is ever established in the series itself what the preferred reading is, and that I can't say for sure.

    Bottom line, in general both 'ame' and 'ama' are valid.

  • @MetaStar oh..thanks a lot man, that does help. Still a lil’ annoying but it helps.

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