Saotome Shimai Ha Manga no Tame Nara!?

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    Author/artist: Yamamoto ryouhei
    Genres: adult, comedy, ecchi, harem, shounen and slice of life
    Status: ongoing
    Volumes: 7 (2018-present)
    Original publisher: Shueisha
    Magazine: shounen jump +

    Synopsis (MAL): Mobuyuki Saotome, a rookie love comedy mangaka, is dealing with the hardships in the manga industry as he must get help from his assistants who are his sisters as they are not only supporting him but are getting attracted to him as well.

    Description (baka updates):A screwball ecchi romantic comedy about a young potential mangaka who is serializing his ecchi comedy series while dealing with his assistants who are his sisters.

    Why I would like it to be translated: it's a guilty pleasure manga for degenerates. Plus it offers an in sight to what it's like to be a budding manga artist (though it may be slightly exaggerated). But who doesn't like a good old guilty pleasure manga once in a while?

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