Can't buy books from j-novel unless I have premium?

  • Since my free time got a heavy reduction the last 6 month, I thought I let my premium account run out. Now I found out that I require premium to buy books from j-novel? Not even sure if my remaining tokens are still intact or if they disappeared with the premium account, it's an odd business model if you ask me.

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    The way that the site is currently set up, you're supposed to have an active subscription to buy credits or spend credits (I don't think that they actually, properly thought through the case where someone lets their subscription lapse when they originally set up the site). What credits you have don't go away though. As I understand it, you can e-mail JNC to tell them which books you want to spend your credits on to get them to apply them for you, or there is a way to put together a link to take you to the page that you need to go to in order to spend a credit on a specific book, but I have no clue how that link is put together. I think that there's a post around here somewhere explaining it though.

    Based on what's been said in the thread for the beta testing of the new version of the website, I think that the plan is to make it so that you can buy and spend credits without a subscription (presumably at the price you pay for them with the regular subscription), but I don't think that that will help you until the site actually gets updated (certainly not until it at least gets added to the beta site, which hasn't happened yet).

  • @Zing The (incomplete) answer to both questions is in the FAQ, but it's under "What is a Premium E-book credit and how do I get them?" instead of "Do Premium E-book credits expire?".
    They don't expire but redeeming isn't available via site's interface.

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    You should still be able to use those credits if you have a link to the purchase page of the books you want.
    But yeah the system could use some improvements.

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    How to use your credit as a non member: If the volume page is

    Then you take the title part "the-combat-baker-and-automaton-waitress-volume-8"

    and paste it after

    The redemption page will show

    Redeem Credit!
    Redeem a credit for ?
    You currently have X credits remaining!
    Purchase Credits à la carte here or become a Premium Member and get a free credit right now!

    and a Redeem button. Click to get that volume.

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    You may want to try the website, it’s a lot better at redeeming credits than the main site. The developer announced over a week ago that non-members could buy credits but they have since edited out that paragraph, so that seems to be coming very soon.

    But yea if that doesn’t work, you can always just create the URL yourself and redeem them as said above.

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