403 error on cover image for Banner of the Stars Vol 1

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    This probably isn't even officially supported, but on the off chance that something can be done about it, I'll report it. :-)
    When trying to download Banner of the Stars Volume 1 using jncep I get the following error:

    Fetching cover image...
    *** An unrecoverable error occured ***
    403 Client Error: Forbidden for url: https://d2dq7ifhe7bu0f.cloudfront.net/Part-5d9fab18da58e673227d761b/banner1_cvr_860.jpg

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    Dunno what "jncep" is, but this was a special case where the first part is a "welcome back" introductory passage tying Crest and Banner together, so if the program is assuming the first part has the cover (which appears so, since the part ID there is for the first part and not the part with the actual cover), then it won't find it.

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    That's why I linked it (the page linked explains). I filed a bug report there explaining that it isn't guaranteed for the cover image to be in part 1. Thanks!

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