Ascendance of a Bookworm- Weird Theory

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    this might also work..i mean if a 'threat' or some such was known and ferdi has to become an instructor to keep an eye on her..he might be able to do that as a guest lecturer...i mean he is already training his substitue for the temple..and he technically has the tele circle if he is a guest lecturer it is very probable..also no way is the author gonna have a 3 year?? academy arc content with next to no ferdi unless she is planning to introduce sauske (from naruto) -esque character i mean attractive mysterious and super duper powerful obv of royal birth and possibly the hotshot among the kiddie girls......i really wish that they had a character to compete for her attentions on par with ferdi in terms of royalty etc but not a child either as they would not compare...unless ofc it is sasuke.

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