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    I'm disappointed in the membership upgrade path.

    I selected premium, and it wouldn't work (card declined even though I should have had enough with the exchange rate CAD->USD). Note, I had seen on the forum already that some cards get 'blacklisted' for some reason. I thought, its a prepaid travel card, so maybe it won't work. Hence selecting the lower cost option.

    Seeing as it declined, I selected the normal, lower cost one, and it went through fine, I then went to UPGRADE.

    I THEN notice that the option is... pay the full monthly fee. Checking more, I see that I can buy the premium now, and get a credit prorated for the next month.

    I'm not sure I am going to want it next month.

    I'm not sure at this point if its worth $10, or even $5 (before exchange) to get early access to 4-5 chapters of a single book early, two months before its published. In that time I could buy approx 3 books for that amount.

    I'm sure its a great deal, and while I'm impatient, I am not THAT impatient.

    Solution? Refund my 'normal' membership so I can try again on the Premium membership.

    Alt Solution? I contact my card company and have them reverse it.

    Alt Solution 2, provide a upgrade path that doesn't include a credit on account in 30 days that I may or may not use.

    Otherwise I'll do without. Thanks.

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    @Thomask said in Membership Upgrade:

    Otherwise I'll do without. Thanks.

    Hi! The credit applies immediately to the charge, so if you just signed up for regular membership and upgrade, you'll pay only the $6 extra (it's not a credit for next month, it's a credit for the initial charge).

    And it looks like yes, your bank declined the charge for $10.95 but accepted the charge for $4.95 for some reason (which wasn't provided to us). You'll have to contact your bank to ask them why they declined the larger charge.

    Go ahead and try upgrading, you'll only pay the extra $6 right now.

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    Okay, thank you. That worked.

    Looks like I got upset for nothing now. It didnt exactly make it clear... if I had read 'prorated immediately' or something I might have understood better.

    Thank you for the quick response.

    Note: It's weird, as when I finished the upgrade, the exact amount I had added (more actually) was left on the card afterwards.

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