Endo and Kobayashi’s Live Commentary on the Villainess

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    Author(s): Enoshima Suzu

    Artist(s): Eihi

    Volumes: 2

    Publisher: Kadokawa

    Manga Adaptation: Yes

    Description [from novelupdates]:
    『She’s always putting on that grumpy face even though she’s not actually that upset! Oh, why can’t she just be honest with herself…!?』

    『She is a tsundere, after all? When her embarrassment levels exceed a certain limit, she will explode into anger. However, the point that she’s suppressing under the surface is that she wouldn’t mind that sort of thing if it were in a less public place.』

    As Endo-kun passionately reacts to the antics of Lady Liselotte, the villainess of an otome game, Kobayashi-san provides a painstaking breakdown of her tsundere behaviour.

    Suddenly, one person could hear their voices; Liselotte’s fiancée, Prince Siegward.

    That is where this story begins.

    My pitch:

    Y'all this story is incredibly sweet and fluffy, like Everest made of marshmallows levels of sweet fluff, and I love it. I think it would be a great fit for J-novel heart. Bonus points for not being (totally) isekai. Endo and Kobayashi are playing an otome game when suddenly one of the characters, Prince Siegward, can hear what they're saying. So they decide to use their commentary to keep Liselotte, the villainess character, from meeting a Bad End, and create the Greatest Happy Ending for everybody. I found the initial concept to be a nice twist on the otome villainess sub-genre. It's extremely adorable and you don't just have to take my word for it; Kim Morrissy in her recent article on ANN entitled Welcome to the Isekai, Otome Game Villainesses said about this series "If there's one "villainess" light novel that I'm hoping gets licensed sometime soon, it's this one." So I have a fellow lover of otome villainess light novels to back me up that this one definitely should be licensed.

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    Huh, I could have sworn this had a suggestion topic already, but I can't find it, so... upvote!

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    I'm familiar with this only through the manga, but if the LN is anywhere near the levels of sweetness and hilarity, I am behind this licencing suggestion all the way.

    It gets bonus points for the portrayal of the "designated heroine" character, who is also sweet and kind and will not hesitate to punch all your blood out.

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    @unsynchedcheese Yeah, the "heroine" character is badass and adorable in equal measure, as things should be 😄

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    I’m so in for this. It’s adorable as all get out and just awesome.

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    YES! This has been on my reading list for a while! I read part of the manga adaptation a while ago and it was adorable.

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    The elevator pitch intrigues me, and I wish to subscribe to this newsletter.