Issues with A Lily Blooms in Another World from Kobo

  • I brought A Lily Blooms in Another World through Kobo and when I download it to read through adobe all I get is 'A Lily Blooms in Another World preview' which has 11 pages

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    Hi, you should contact Kobo support since from our end we can see that they have the full final ebook. We'll try to let them know as well, but ultimately this is an issue with the Kobo store.

  • Yes I have done so but they keep saying mostly the same things that's why I thought I would let yous know and hope you would have better luck explaing it to them

    thank you

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    @pkm61 A while ago I tried getting Book Worm through Kobo and reading it with adobe, but I just got an error message and it wouldn't open. I couldn't get any of the Bookworm books to open through it, so it might just be a problem with Kobo books in general.

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    @db0ssman I've had issues in the past where Kobo consistently gave bad .acsm files for specific books, whereas for others, there was no problem. I think that the .acsm file gets added to your account when you buy the book (or when it's released when you pre-order it), in which case , if it's screwed up, it's kind of forever screwed up unless you contact customer support to get them to fix it (which can sometimes take a while). It's also possible to strip the DRM when getting the books through their PC application (in which case, the issues with the .acsm files don't matter), but it's a different process.

    If you have a problem with a book from them, it could be useful to know whether it works with their mobile or PC applications and not when using the .acsm file. It's usually the case that when there's a problem with the .acsm file, the book works in their applications. But if it doesn't work using their applications, then there's a bigger problem. However, if it doesn't work in their applications, I think that customer support can test and see that, in which case, it should be easy to get a refund (though obviously it's better for the book to be fixed in your account if you want to get it from Kobo).

    My experience with Kobo has been that the vast majority of the time, there are no problems, but when there is a problem, Kobo is usually pretty slow at fixing it. When the folks you deal with directly are able to fix the problem, it's usually fixed pretty quickly, but some problems (like bad .acsm files) usually seem to require that they pass it on to someone else, and I don't think that I've ever seen those situations get handled quickly.

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    Hi folks, Kobo support has said this is a problem on their end that they're working to fix. No ETA, but I'll post here when they say it's been corrected.

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    Kobo says the issue should be fixed and anyone who has already purchased the book should have their libraries updated within 24 hours. Once the update has been pushed, the customer just needs to delete their current file and redownload.

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