Print Replacement Program - My Next Life as a Villainess light novel volume 1

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    So I pretty much destroyed my copy of subject novel by cutting out the barcode because of the replacement program article I ran into in the forums. I also provided my e-mail address and shipping address as requested along with the cut up barcode. Was I supposed to get an e-mail or anything in regards to this? This was well over a month ago and I’m positive I mailed this out before the deadline described. Any input would be appreciated.

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    Hello! We have checked and, based on your username, we are pretty sure we have your letter. We are currently waiting for the last straggler letters to arrive from overseas before sending out the last batch of replacement copies, and we will be sending an e-mail confirmation once your copy is shipped.

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    Well that answers my question. As long as I get my copy I will be happy. The response is greatly appreciated btw.

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