mahouka koukou no rettousei

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    Does anyone know why this novel keeps getting delay was meant to come out months ago ( in fact it was listed on Amazon uk to be released and went over its deadline about a week later amazon message me to say it been shipped then a couple day after that it messaged saying it had been delayed again also for the novel they don't offer a kindle version which is fairly weird.

    It new released date on amazon is The Irregular at Magic High School, Vol. 16 (light novel) Paperback – 20 Oct. 2020 ( out of stock )
    but the volume isn't listed on Yen press website for release on both the print release/ digital)


    Please be advised that we have a revised delivery date for the items you ordered on June 17 2020 (Order #203-0257787-3577932).

    Satou, Tsutomu "The Irregular at Magic High School, Vol. 16 (light novel)"
    Estimated arrival date: July 17 2020 - August 24 2020

    For more details, please visit the Your Account section of our web site :

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    The release date has been changed to 23/03/21. I was told that the reason was due to a situation similar to Shield Hero I. E. Change of translator.

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    that sucks also due to the way j novel club publishes novel they get punished if they miss the released date, Will yen press get any sort of punishment as they have missed the released date several time in the last month for several novel and only update amazon a week or so later which is a bit weird they are still allowed to do pre order for this light novels

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    One of the things I like about RightStuf is that they let you know "early" when there is an official change of availability.

    I don't remember seeing a July release date for it on RS; I ordered it in June, with an October 20 release date. July 31, that was changed to January 19, and August 31, they told me it was moved to March 23.

    Comparing it to JNC, though, JNC doesn't make promises of delivery until they officially start translation. If Yen changed translators, it probably happened after they'd announced a date.

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    YP doesn't get punished because they are a big company.

    Unlike JNC who uses KDP to sell on Amazon YP has their own so the rules set for them is not as strict as publishers who use KDP.

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    I don't like YP. They have already spent 4 years on this series. And still lagging behind several volumes compared to the fan translation. And at this pace, it will still be another 2 or 3 years before they do come out with volume 19. And i wouldn't be surprised if before then it will have been translated by someone else with decent quality. I can certainly be patient when it's called for. But waiting 6+ years for my favorite novel to get translated past where i have read, when there are close to 30 volumes out in Japan is a darn nightmare :p Hence, i don't like YP. This is very selfish of me i know, but i can live with that xD
    If only i had the discipline necessary to actually learn the language :(

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    @KopiCAT said in mahouka koukou no rettousei:

    I don't like YP. They have already spent 4 years on this series. And still lagging behind several volumes compared to the fan translation. And at this pace, it will still be another 2 or 3 years before they do come out with volume 19.

    I understand the frustration with a 4-5 month schedule instead of JNC's ~3 months for many titles, but: I like YP because they release a lot of LNs, normally on a consistent schedule (barring COVID and author/illustrator woes), and they release professional translations not amateur fan or machine translations.

    They're better than Seven Seas, and a thousand times better than Sol Press.

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    @KopiCAT Until the recent delays, The Irregular at Magic High School has actually been one of the series which Yen Press has been releasing faster (four books a year, starting with volume 7, whereas most of their series are three books a year). Sure, it would be nice if we got them faster, but even JNC doesn't tend to do much better than about five books a year. It just seems faster, because you can get the books piecemeal instead of having to wait to get an entire book at once. The main problem is that Yen Press released the first volume nearly five years after the first book was released in Japan, which meant that we were 24 books behind to start with. Yen Press has been catching up; they just started so far behind that there was no way that we were ever going to be even close to the Japanese releases. And they even increased the release rate, which they haven't done with most series.

    If they finally release volume 16 in March as currently scheduled and then get back on track, we should have volume 19 in December of 2021 (so, just over a year from now, not two or three years). Of course, if they hadn't been screwed up by COVID or a change of translator, then we would have gotten it in March instead of volume 16, and the fact that we've had these delays sucks, but for most series, four books a year is a pretty good pace, even if it would be great if we could get them faster. And even JNC would not have caught up by now if they had licensed the series when Yen Press did (and I'm not sure that JNC even existed yet when Yen Press licensed it, since they were founded in the same year).

    Personally, while I wish that Yen Press had licensed the series earlier and that we weren't getting any delays, I'm just grateful that the series got licensed at all. Far, far more series have never been licensed than those that do get licensed, and in general, it's more likely for an unlicensed series that's four or five years old to never get licensed than to get licensed like The Irregular at Magic High School did. As far as I'm concerned, it's a miracle that we have the series at all. I'd also love to get it faster, but for how the US light novel market generally functions, the situation with The Irregular at Magic High School has been quite good overall. The only real blemish is the massive delays for volume 16, and pretty much everything from Yen Press is getting massive delays with the COVID situation (though the delays for volume 16 are worse than most).

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    @Kalessin You aren't wrong. But this is about feelings, not logic :p Mahouka being my nr1 LN means that unless i get it all without having to wait forever, i will be upset :p I'm a selfish prick like that sometimes.
    I am however, thankful for them translating it. Don't get me wrong, i do appreciate that very much. And it's not like the fantranslation was any faster eiher, back when it was still actively being translated. I get it, i really do. But i still can't help it. That's a big part of why i hate getting hyped over new things before they are out. The waiting kills me:p

    @HarmlessDave You're right. But as i stated above, this is about feelings, not logic. As long as it feels faster, that will always be a plus:p

    As you can probably guess, me disliking them is a half joke. Stemming from the frustration of having to wait 4+ years for my favorite LN to catch up to the fantranslation, so that i can finally find out what happens next.

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