The Holy Knight's Dark Road: Volume 3 and The Greatest Magicmaster's Retirement Plan

  • I have the old color nook that I use to read books on. Holy Knight's Dark Road: Volume 3 when it came out on 9/12 I purchased the book. It wouldn't download correctly and kept giving me a 20 page sample. I called nook support we tried multiple things to try and get it to give me the rest of the book I purchased. They said the would put a ticket in and to check back 2 days later and I did. They couldn't find the ticket that was put in for me. I went to Barnes and noble and worked with a rep there and someone from nook support, the end decision was to remove the book and refund me and they would contact you about the issue and said the issue was on your end. I contacted Barnes and noble about a week ago to follow up because they never called me back. I spoke with the assistant manger and she adv she couldn't find any information about that day in sept, she advised me to contact you since their corporate would have to contact you about the issue with the book not full downloading. I am finally contacting you, I would like to re purchase the book and read it but with the issue fixed because they said if it wasn't fixed before I retired the same issue would have again and they would have to refund me the book.

    Also, The Greatest Magicmaster's Retirement Plan vol 1-3 on my nook have an issue that we also tried to have fixed by nook support and I was told to tell you about it. The images wont load properly when turning the pages in my nook and kind of freeze the nook, I found a work around to look at the images in those volumes but it is annoying to battle my nook to look at the images, the later volumes were fine just those 3 volumes. Barnes and noble said they would have to refund me them that would be the only way to fix it currently until you fixed it.

    So I am reaching out about these issues and would like this to be fixed so I can continue enjoying these novels, thank you

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    @myskaros said in Fake Fake Princess 3 only 17 page preview on nook?:

    Barnes & Noble was recently the victim of a cybersecurity attack, and that has hindered their ability to process ebooks on Nook. You'll want to contact their support about this, but we don't know when they'll have everything sorted out.

    J-Novel Club sends Nook an updated ebook about 4-5 days before street date (and the 20-30 page preview months before that), but it seems Nook has been having difficulty updating. I don't think there is anything J-Novel Club can do if you've already contacted Nook support. My recommendation would be to get a refund and then buy them elsewhere.

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    Whether it is related or not, there was a huge B&N hack and a lot of newly purchased Nook books were unavailable for days.

  • Thank you. I already got my refund, but I have been buying the novels the day they came out and never had an issue till now. They said it was an issue with the publisher, but as you said it may also have to do with Barnes and noble. As far as I know though I think vol 3 came out before the attack. I haven't tried to re-purchase it yet per Barnes and noble suggestion to wait. For now I will keep waiting partially because I like reading from my nook device. Maybe in a couple more months barnes and noble will catch up and have everything up to date for their nook books.

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    @kabuto243 We understand that not everything may necessarily be a problem on Barnes & Noble's end of things, but the current roadblock is simply that we cannot access our account to check listings or upload anything at the moment anyway.

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    @kabuto243 I have just reuploaded all the EPUB files for the books you listed to the Nook store. We'll see if their systems are fixed enough to process that correctly. Please understand, though, that all of our ebooks follow the same standard (including all volumes of Magicmaster), and no one else (that I know of, at least) has come to us with these problems. All we can do is upload our ebooks to the Nook store, so if you experience further problems, especially with your device, you'll want to work it out with Nook support.

  • Thank you very much. I will try to repurchase vol 3 of The Holy Knight's Dark Road again soon. If there are more issues I will reach back out to nook support. Thank you again for re-uploading those volumes.

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