Unable to download Ascendance of a bookworm Part 3 Vol 2

  • I bought Ascendance of a Bookworm Part 3 vol 2 at Barnes and noble and all I got was a 27 page free preview. I got in contact with support at Barnes and they told me to come here. When are we getting the full story?

  • Staff

    @Angelon I'm sorry to point you back in the other direction, but Barnes & Noble was recently the victim of a cybersecurity attack, and that has hindered their ability to process ebooks on Nook. You'll want to contact their support about this, but we don't know when they'll have everything sorted out.

    You can check their Twitter for more information, but at this moment we are unable to edit book listings on B&N Press.

  • After reading some other forums about the hack at B&B, I think you might have to resubmit the story after they fix their problems with ebooks since the story didn't take hold. Thank you for the fast response.

  • Staff

    Yes, we are aware of that. However, all we can do is upload the book on our end, so please work with Barnes & Noble support if there are any further issues.

    That said, I have just reuploaded the Bookworm 3.2 file to their store. We'll see if their systems are fixed enough to process that correctly.

  • They finally got it updated yesterday. For those who have the 27 page preview instead of story Archive and let it sit there for about 2 days. After that you should have the full story. Great read by the way!!!

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