Short Story in How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Vol. 13 on J-Novel?

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    I noticed on Bookwalker that they are having a promotion that Volume 13 of How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord will come with an exclusive short story:

    I really dislike Bookwalker due to its unbreakable DRM and (IMO) poor app. I would hate to see the short story locked behind Bookwalker's DRM. Is there any chance of the short story appearing in the Premium J-Novel ePub, despite the promotion labeling it as an exclusive?

  • Bookwalker has had this promotion before for this series. They got an exclusive short story on a previous demon lord volume as well, and JNC doesn't get it. I believe that it is actually commissioned by Bookwalker, so they are the ones with the rights to it. I doubt they would licence it to JNC when the idea is to get people to buy the book from them because of the short story rather than other sources.

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    Arifureta v10 got an exclusive bonus story and illustration as well and J-Novel didn't get it in the premium edition, so I think Demon Lord's will be exclusive there as well. Bookwalker paid for it so it doesn't make sense for them to share it.

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    That is a bit unfortunate then, though I can understand why if Bookwalker financed it. I was planning on buying the Arifureta series here on J-Novel and still do, but the bonus story in volume 10 is a bit annoying how it is exclusive as it isn't worth getting over J-Novels version (only 1 bonus story versus 6 on J-Novel).

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