Invaders of the Rokujouma Drama CDs

  • It's a little sad that, despide being mentioned again and again in the afterwords, it's impossible for us to get ahold translated copies of these.
    The first 4 that make the extended version of the Blue Knight's adventures are quite interesting, but the true loss (at this time) is the 5th, since it is the "Episode: Maki" of the "what if" sidestories and gives a lot of developement to the character (as well as explaining the resaon behind her charm headphones.

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    I believe the drama CDs and their transcripts are part of the Kickstarter. At least, they are on the list of things I'm supposed to be getting.

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    Are you unaware of the Kickstarter from last year? I believe the first 5 (? might be wrong on the exact number) will be getting a physical DVD with subtitles, as well as digital copies for backers. People who missed the campaign might be able to buy a Dvd from rightstuf or something later next year.

  • @SomeOldGuy @LegitPancake Wow! Thanks for the info. Yes, I was unaware. For some reason, I always hear about kickstarter campaigns by the time they have already ended some time ago.

    EDIT: The only kickstarter I find is for the 31-in-10 printed volumes, which is in the pre-order phase. Contributions seem to have already closed and the Drama CD scripts (which going by the wording it's just the Blue Knight series) was a special reward only for some contributor tiers.

    EDIT2: preorders are disabled and need for you to be a pledger, which you cannot be anymore.

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    @Kemm-mf Yes it’s long past the campaign and the slacker-backer period. Like I said, extra physical copies, and maybe even the digital versions, will be sold to the usual retailers, though I’m not so sure if they’ll be producing very many extra copies of the drama CDs/Dvds.

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