Unable to download manga from Google Play

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    I recently bought the Marielle Clarac vol 1 manga from Google Play Books, but I was disappointed to find that it's not available for download to read offline with Adobe Digital Edition, the way I could with the novel.

    I've never bought JNC manga through Play store before, but I've bought comics from other publisher there that allows PDF download, so I had presumed it would be the same. Apparently, it's not.

    Can you confirm if it's intended from your side that manga sold on Play store is not allowed for downloading? If so, what about in other platforms?

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    While I can't answer your question, the play page does indicate that offline reading via the google play books app is supported. Are the other comics you've purchased drm enabled? Because that could potentially be the difference.

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    @jpwong That's for phones and tablets, but I'd like to be able to read it offline on my laptop. Usually it's using Adobe Digital Editions, and I've used it with the vol 1 of Marielle novel.

    My other comic ebooks are from a local publisher (BumiLangit Comics). They can be downloaded as DRM-protected PDF file, and the technical info are all similar except for "Best for: Web, Tablet" instead of "Best for: Android 3.0+ tablet".

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    The files we submit to Google Play are standard epub files, so I'm not sure why it won't let you access the epub edition for offline reading, be it through their app, Adobe Digital Editions, or otherwise - may be worth submitting a ticket on their end.

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    @exedore Thanks, I'll do that.


    In the mean time, if anyone here have bought other JNC manga from Google Play, can you let me know if this issue is limited to this title or others as well? Appreciated.

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    Update: after a week of back and forth, including the Google support asking for information piece by piece as opposed to just ask all of them upfront (like: email 1 what's your order number? email 2 what device did you use?), their answer is:

    After researching on this matter, If you do not see the option to "Download ePub" or "Download PDF" on Google Play, it is because that book doesn't support the downloading of those file types. The book is only best for Android 3.0+ tablet. Please use Play Books app to download the book instead.

    If ever you have any questions and concerns, please feel free to reach out, We'll be happy to help!I'm glad I was able to resolve your issue.

    No Google, you weren't able to resolve my issue! Very well then, I'll just keep in mind to never get a JNC manga from them onwards.

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