The Good Witch of the West (Suggestion for License Rescue)

  • Name: The Good Witch of the West

    Chuokoron-Shinsha Edition
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    Kadokawa Edition
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    Japanese title:
    Nishi no Yoki Majo / 西の善き魔女

    Publisher: Chuokoron-Shinsha (C Novels Fantasia), Kadokawa (Kadokawa Bunko)
    Volumes: 5 (Completed) + 3 Gaiden volumes (Completed)
    Author: Noriko Ogiwara
    Illustrators: Haruhiko Momokawa
    Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Magic

    15-year-old Firiel lives in the remote highlands with her reclusive father. Country life is pleasant enough for Firiel—her father's servants adore her, his apprentice Rune is a good friend, and she's about to attend her first ball! But as Firiel prepares for the gala, she discovers her past is more complicated than she had thought—and she may be the heir the throne! Unaware of the danger that faces her and those whom she loves, Firiel courageously quests for the truth. In this unique, evocative Cinderella story, heritage and destiny converge to change a young girl's life forever!

    Nishi no Yoki Majo was partially published in English as The Good Witch of the West by Tokyopop, who published the first two volumes on November 13, 2007 and May 11, 2008, respectively, before dropping the license. (Source MAL)

    Adaptions: A Manga adaption spanning 7 Volumes and an Anime adaption which aired in 2006 with a lenght of 13 episodes under the title
    "The Good Witch Of The West: Astraea Testament".

    Fantranslation: None.

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    YES YES YES YES YES ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!! I’ve actually half-written multiple drafts of suggestion posts for this series, but never posted. I followed it way back when Tokyopop was actively releasing the manga, and I’ve got all of the released manga, the two translated novels, blurays of the anime despite my feelings for it, and the entire Kadokawa Bunko re-release!!! I’ve had to stop myself from buying the entire first print, too.

    I would die if the license got saved. Good die. Half want to say I’d lend the two Tokyopop translated novels to someone just to have someone else to talk to about it with.

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    Watched the anime years ago and read the manga online. I would be quite interested in the novel too, but please take the version with the illustrations and covers drawn in manga style.

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