In what Light Novels the main characters have a "physical" relationship?

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    @Amakaze said in In what Light Novels the main characters have a "physical" relationship?:

    Goblin Slayer: Dark fantasy with a setting where Goblin's reproduce by raping human and elf women, there's obviously a lot of sex happening. Or well, rape at least. The MC did sleep together on the same bed with two girls, but I'm pretty sure the MC is still a virgin though.

  • Madan no Ou to Vanadis had elen tame the tigre in volume 13, then tita had her turn in volume 15.

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  • @db0ssman I would disagree with your interpretation of the scene. I believe all they did was sleep in the same bed as him, as the conversation following implies that the ritual requires a virgin [girl?] (hence why SM couldn't do it on her own, due to the events of her past). It would be counterproductive if said ritual required the 'consumption' of that resource, though I can understand how you might think it did. It would also be strange to have such a vigorous physical act as part of a ritual designed to heal someone on the brink of death. There is also his reaction on waking, which is confusion as to where he is followed by checking his physical state. I.e. he had been unconscious ever since the fight up until that point.

    Either way, there is no actual confirmation in the novel itself, just heavy implication based on conversation tone, and I'm not sure if there has been any official comment on it from the author. The relationship between the two doesn't really change either (beyond some implied temporary embarressment on one side from having been seen naked/near-naked), which is another reason I believe it was simply a ritual involving sleeping together rather than 'sleeping' together. ;)

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    @AerosAtar I just searched through the volume for the scene after and they just refer to the act as 'sharing a bed' and 'sharing a pillow' are both euphemisms for sex.

    In the explanation, they say that it is an incredibly rare ritual that costs a lot of money that only a few in the church can do. So, it's not that surprising if doing the ritual would cause the priestesses to lose the power (though it only diminishes) which is why so few of them can do it in the first place and why the church charges so much when it is performed. So it wouldn't be surprising if performing the ritual made it so you couldn't perform as well later, hence why it is so expensive.

    So I guess there is no point where they explicitly say the words 'yes, we have had sex!' They just elude to it euphemistically, but that's as far as most light novels are willing to go on the subject. Though I guess it would be weird for a novel that starts off with goblin rape to suddenly get coy on the subject.

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    @db0ssman Ah, the mystical power of a maiden's virginity. But, yeah, for a novel/anime that starts with very graphic depictions of rape, it does seem overly coy.

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    @Paul-Nebeling One of the main reasons I dropped the series is because volume 3 turned into half just making a harem, playing dnd, and finding contrived ways to have the female characters in various states of undress. Volume 4 was even worse since it didn't even have a main plot to it (it was just side stories). So this could have just been an early version of that.

    They had such a sex-like ritual so they could include art of priestess and sword maiden naked but still have the daft protagonist.

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    @db0ssman I guess I'll take that one off my "Buy" list.

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