Four Cours After

  • Name: Four Cours After

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    Japanese title: ふぉーくーるあふたー

    Publisher: Shogakukan (Gagaga Bunko)
    Volumes: 4 (Complete)
    Author: Mizusawa Yume
    Illustrators: Bun150
    Genre: Action, Comedy, Magic, Magical Girl

    A magical girl story, starting after four cours.

    High school student Hoshigami Hina gains the power of the stars under the guidance of a horse shaped UMA, or Uma-chan. She defeats the invading threat to Earth and thinks everything is over, but then finds out that more invaders are coming, and her battles have been broadcast to Uma-chan’s home star system as a children’s show, and if she can’t find her replacement, she’ll have to be the main character for the next four cours!?

    (Four cours refers to the usual lenght of long running family/children shows of 48 - 52 episodes like children anime and toku.)

    Fantranslation: None.

  • Upvoting, cause it's written by the author of Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu.
    I hope JNC will be able to license stuff from Shogakukan someday...

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    I love meta-genre commentary so I would love to read this

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    This sounds hilarious, upvote for sure.

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