• The other day I realized just how big the light novel industry or franchise is compared too here in Canada, at first I thought it was time for us too expand our horizons too more light novels that are out there in Japan and that are expanding with new works new talents that being created each and to experience, stay ahead of the game, catch up too the times, ...........but looking back on it now, it's not or maybe not be as easy/simple as it sounds. But still we have too try, so I think it's too change the way we do things, kick it up a notch, set everything in overdrive!!!

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    A lot of light novels are being translated, but it's still a small industry compared to regular publishing, and regular publishing isn't a huge industry itself compared to TV, movies, video games.

    I'd rather that companies like JNC play it safe and stay in business instead of licensing too much and going bankrupt.

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    Canada as in French Canada/Quebec? Because the rest of English-speaking Canada shares the same light novel industry as the US. You can even purchase English light novels from some Canadian bookstores. But if you do mean French, then I doubt there are even any manga publishers based there. Most would probably rather just import from mainland French localizations. But it's also true France's light novel industry is very small, which is surprising since their manga industry is even more lucrative than all English-speaking countries combined.

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