Gaming novels should get their own label!

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    Now that we have the heart label for romance novels, I think it‘s time that gaming novels should get their own label too. Currently we have 7 novels (correct me, if I‘m wrong), where the whole story is about the main character playing a game, getting transported/reincarnated into the game world while possessing his avatar or something similar to this . I‘m thinking that this is enough for an own label. And I can imagine that like this we could get more such novels, I definitely would welcome them with open arms (though I don‘t read every gaming novel J-Novel Club has to offer, currently it‘s 4).
    By the way, I‘m not counting the otome game novels, since they are already part of the heart label.

  • I totally agree with you, more love for gaming novels!!!
    But I don‘t know, if J-Novel Club is interested in making a separate label for these novels.

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    I think J-Novel Heart has it's own label because the audience looking for Shoujou/Josei romance LN are fundamentally different than your 'average' LN consumer. Having an extended brand label makes it really easy to know at a glance who they are targeting. Having a game focused one probably won't help too much in that department. Like there probably isn't a big difference between people looking for Lazy Dungeon Master and How not to summon or people that like Arifuta and Demon Lord Retry.

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