Trying to get a better idea of what the Bibliophile Princess LN is about with considering to buy it.

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    I read the first part of the volume one translation prepub that is available on j novel. Then looked a bit in the forums while trying to avoid spoilers. Fromm the sounds of it that first part of the 1st LN is rather misleading what type of story it is. So I'm hoping someone could give a better description of what the series is like/about without spoiling and how heavy or dramatic it gets?

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    Hmm... I don't remember what's in part 1 of volume 1 well enough to know if it's deceiving or not. In a nutshell, our titular princess is engaged to be married to a handsome prince and in her head it's only a marriage of convenience. She's a quiet, mousey bookworm so obviously the prince can't be interested in her, she's not from a super prestigious family, and anyways she's only interested in books and not him...

    Except - and this is the most mild of spoilers because it's spelled out in the very first chapter (though not the first part per say) -

    The rest of the story from that point on involves them dealing with both the political environment of the kingdom as well as dealing with those that for one reason or another have objection to them being married.

    It gets and stays reasonably dramatic honestly, though only occasionally would I call it heavy. There are tensions inside the kingdom and tensions with other countries and even united, these waters aren't always smooth sailing for our couple.

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    @heimdal7  to paraphrase a review of Bibliophile princess I read somewhere, our leading lady has a quiet strength to her that does not diminish by her budding romance but is strengthened by it. I like that she is a strong female character without being brash or bold (not that I dislike bold female characters, quite the opposite but it's nice a to have a character that exhibits her strengths in a different way)

    I'm not sure if you have read Holmes of Kyoto, but if you read that series and liked it I think you might like Bibliophile Princess, I feel Ai and Holmes have a similar dynamic to Eli and Chris


    The latest volumes have gotten rather dramatic, though I don't know if you're interested in that piece of info since it's about the later volumes

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