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  • I usually bought ebook of title that I like, but sometime I wonder about other title as well but dare not to buy because monetary reason, so I considering membership.
    What I want to know is what kind of title that I can read with membership? Can I read all chapter from newest volume? Can I read older volume as well?
    Thank you

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    Members can only reader volumes that have not yet been published into e-books or volumes that are currently being translated.

    There is also a Catch-Up every month wherein all volumes of a select series are available to read for the whole month. This selection changes at the start of every month.

    Lastly, because of the circumstances when Rokujouma was licensed members can read 20+ volumes of the series.

    Here are the current series in Catch-Up.

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    Is that mean I can read all chapter from volume not yet became ebook?

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    Yes that is correct, the membership allows you to read all the chapters that were available in the Japanese release, translated into English. Also after a book is fully translated there is still a few weeks before it is removed from the site, so it doesn’t go away immediately after the final parts are posted.

    There is a list of what volumes expire when in the Members Only section of the forums, and that gives everyone a heads up as to when volumes will expire.

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    @Bookmaker said in About membership:

    Is that mean I can read all chapter from volume not yet became ebook?

    Yes, members can read prepub chapters on all series JNC publishes. As the name implies, ‘prepub’ is pre-publication. The prepub chapters expire on the 15th of the month following that volume getting published, however part one of each prepub volume will remain available as a free preview (I believe even non-members can read them).

    As was mentioned, series in “catch up” status have all prepub chapters for all parts, even already-published content, made available for members to read. The list of series in that status changes every month. The beta apps for mobile devices also allow members to read the prepub chapters of any volume that member purchased through JNC (if you purchased the ebook elsewhere it won’t count).

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    Yes. As long as the E-Book is still not out then you can read the whole volume.

    Even after the E-Book is published there will still be a few weeks left before it will be locked up so it will still be possible to read it as a member.

  • Thank you for all the answer

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