Dear Us Who Used to be "The Ice Knight and The Failure Princess"

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    Cover volume 2

    Original Webnovel

    JP title:
    Haikei "Kouri no Kishi to Hazere-hime" datta Watashitachi e

    Publisher: Overlap (Overlap Novels f)

    Volumes: 2 Volumes (ongoing)

    Author: Yairo Suzu

    Illustrators: Dangmill

    Genre: Drama, Romance, Reincarnation (Not Isekai), Shoujo, Tragedy

    The sickly and socially withdrawn Princess Ridelle fell in love with the quick-witted knight, Sir Oscar and became his wife. But after finding out that Oscar didn't wish for the marriage, their marriage life became no different than a pile of misfortunes. Soon, Ridelle was struck down by another tragedy, changing both of their lives tremendously, but…

    This is the love story between a former princess who was looked down upon as "the Failure Princess," and the young count known as "the Ice Knight"—the crossing of their paths weaving tragedies in their wake.

    Other Works: A Manga adaption drawn by Yuki Yukiko and published by Overlap in Comic Gardo. Currently there is 1 volume released.

    Cover Volume 1 - ?

    Fantranslation: None.

    Opinion: I've read the first three chapter of the Manga adaption and yeah sometimes I need some painful romance.

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    One of the few Overlap Novels f series I haven't read yet, but a great idea!

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