JNovel Member includes complete volumes of any light novel?

  • Hi,
    Please could anyone let me know as soon as possible whether becoming a j novel club member, paying per month $4.95 or $4.50 will give me access to complete volumes of all light novels, for example I would love to read Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash as looks like J Novel only have part 1 of all volumes up to 16 and I can’t access any further being on just registering free but becoming a member does it give me all the complete volumes or not or I must go premium?
    Hope it makes sense :)
    Cheers J

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    @JFinLN1308 You won't get access to them regardless of membership status. Soon after the full volume is published as ebook it becomes unavaliable to read via subscription service unless the series is on "catchup" this month.

  • @Wellwisher
    Thank you for responding quickly.
    That’s a shame, I feel it be better to indulge members with full access to light novels and manga whenever not only on the basis of a catch-up or read before full volume has been made into an E-Book or well thanks again, have a good week cheers

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    To add a bit to what Wellwisher said,

    The way the JNC membership works is it lets you read the latest volume that is currently being translated. A few weeks after a Volume has been fully translated and is compiled into an ebook and sold on all major ebook retailers, all the parts for that volume except a preview part are put into the vault.

    The “catchup” that was referred to earlier is a set of books that are chosen each month to be made available for all members to read, currently these titles are on catchup this month, and at the start of next month mew titles will be made available, and the current ones will be put back into the vault.

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    Premium does not give you free access to all published light novels, but it does give you one premium credit per month and a discount on buying more. Premium credits can be used to purchase the premium editions of light novels from JNC which are DRM-frer, in the highest resolution and sometimes include bonus content such as exclusive short stories, textless illustrations, etc. See https://forums.j-novel.club/topic/305/premium-e-book-bonus-contents-list/311?page=1 for details.

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    I can see why you would think that. It bothered me as well when I first signed up. Honestly the key is in the catchup series. JNC has so many good series that it's easy to find something new to read every month, in addition to all the new ones that are always in pre-pub status. Honestly, once you are caught up on a series, then as long as you keep an eye on the prepubs, then you'll never need to buy any unless you want to.

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