Unable to open any of new books

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    I bought the ascendance of bookworm before . I can open and read older books from jnovels. But recently can't open any of new downloaded book. So try a new epub reader had the same issue. Delete one of the older book in my library. And redownload it to check it and says can't open with any app s I have installed.

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    @goldenducky Sorry to hear that you're having trouble!

    I have some questions to ask that will help us troubleshoot what's going on.

    • I don't want to assume just because you're a premium member, but are you buying the premium ebooks from our site, or on another store such as Kindle or Kobo?
    • Are you on PC or phone?
      • What kind of program or app are you trying to use? Is it the latest version?
      • Have you tried using a different program/app?
      • What warnings or errors are you seeing? If none, what exactly is happening when you try to open an ebook?
    • Which series/volumes exactly are you having trouble with?
      • If some books do work correctly, which volumes are those?

    If you don't feel comfortable answering these questions on a public forum, you can also send an e-mail to support@j-novel.club.

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