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  • What will happen if I register for first month and next month I not paid. [is it only revert or account got delete]
    And if I revert back to free account, Is it can upgrade if I paid next time.
    Because my pocket isn't stable so I maybe can't paid every month.

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    Yes, if you get a monthly membership, then cancel your membership before the 1st month period is up, your account (username) won't be deleted. You'll be able to read the member content until full month period is up, but after that it'll go back to a regular free account.

    You can start a membership again at any time.

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    Right now I have a premium membership, say I have 5 credit and then I stopped being a premium member, will my credit stay and can I still use it then? Or do I need to become a premium member again before I can use my credit?

  • @Kevin-R-S
    You'll still be able to use them. It just becomes a little bit trickier to use them as a free member as you have to find/figure out the URL for redeeming the credits.

  • @Aruseus493 Is this method documented somewhere? I plan to stockpiling premium credit and use them later on. I know this is not the intended usage scenario but what can I do? I much prefer reading on my e-ink reader and the whole volume at a time, so the web-only, subscription model totally not fit me :(

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    @hyper Save the links used to purchase the volumes and you can do it even as a free member.

  • @Paulo27 Thank you. But does this mean that I will not be able to redeem the credit toward the future releases? Would using the links here (by @Hakomari) help me with that?

  • @hyper

    That is exactly why I made the document with the links. People should be able to redeem their credits using the links, even if they are no longer a member.

  • @Hakomari Got it. Thank you. That's really helpful!

  • @hyper

    You can see the title in the link. Be sure to check it before redeeming the credit. I haven't confirmed if all the links correspond to the right epub yet.

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    @hyper That list of links is pretty useless because with the way system works now redeem link is always , where titleslug should be replaced with a URL-friendly name of volume which you can find in a specific volume's URL. E.g for titleslug will be invaders-of-the-rokujouma-volume-1
    Confirmation message will be "Redeem a credit for ?" even if you open link in a new tab as a (premium) member because necessary data won't be loaded then. The only way to get the name of the volume there is to push the button on volume's page. Either way, blue "Redeem" button should work properly and if you used unexciting URL your request will get error 404 (not found) and button will be stuck in "loading" state with no credits spent. Nothing stops you from accidentally using wrong URL for existing volume and buying that, though.
    It's known that system doesn't work very nicely and should be sorted out eventually.

  • @_08

    I actually noticed that... I thought the data would be loaded nonetheless. There must be a way around that though. Would be great if I could see the script.

  • @_08 Oh ok. Thank you for letting me know. Yeah, using the unsupported way to do this is a bit scary. I hope they change it so that we can spend the credit as free member.

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