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  • I'm trying to enter the coupon code to try membership before deciding if it's for me or not. However, the screen get's stuck up in loading. I believed it was due to not filling up the card details (I don't want to give any information before deciding, if I decide to get membership I'll just subscribe again), but filling up wrongly those details (to check if that was it, just put the code as the card number, then random date and sec code) does give an error, so that's not the issue.
    I also tried with different browsers, and still nothing. What should I do?

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    I believe you have to fill up the card details correctly. It is just like the free trial for netflix, crunchyroll and other websites. It won't work unless you enter the valid details. You can cancel your subscription whenever you want to during that one trial week.

    I am not sure about this but I think, you can cancel your subscription directly after buying it (using the coupon) and still be a member until that week is over. Your membership will end at the end of that 7 day period. So you don't have to worry about forgetting to cancel the subscription and getting charged.

  • Well, I'll have to wait for someone of the staff to tell me if cancelling the subscription inmediately after works like regular subscription and you still get the time left.

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    It works for the regular subscription but I am not so sure if it works the free trial. So yeah, wait for someone with more knowledge to answer. The founder should wake up in a few hours =) so check the forum after a while.

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    It did work like that before but Sam might have changed it (he changed either that or the membership not cancelling right away when you miss a payment and letting you stay another for free for another couple of weeks, or he did both), probably best to wait for confirmation.

  • @Kemm-mf
    I'm not staff, but I did use the promo code a few days ago. My membership status is "In Free Trial" with "Next billing date" being seven days after I redeemed. If I click the the cancel membership button, "Next Billing Date" changes to "Cancelled, Ending". And I can confirm there is no charge or pending charge on my credit card.

    So I'm 99.9% sure your safe.

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    @Kemm-mf That's correct. Cancelling a free trial means you won't be charged at the end of it but you can still access things until the free trial is over.

    Also for other people wondering, there used to be a bug where once you cancelled a free trial you couldn't "uncancel" it. But I fixed that! So if you do end up changing your mind and wanting to pay for the membership you can also now "uncancel" which will undo the cancelling. Until the free trial ends at least.

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    @Sam-Pinansky Ah, that's probably what I was remembering that was fixed.

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