Has the hard-working Sam ever encountered an LN/WN author whose works are somewhat of a "rogue" to Japanese copyright laws?

  • Info: The Berne Convention states that copyright starts when something is applied to a fixed/tangible medium and the min. length for members is life+50. However, not every author agrees to this. Sometimes they make their at least 1 of their series royalty-free, will place it under the Creative Commons or an equivalent, or specifically dedicated a work to the public domain. The last type (dedicated work) is risky because you are self-terminating some or all your copyrights to that work (assuming it's creator-owned). Also, since copyright is automatic, it's unknown whether you can reclaim those rights.

    The 6/19/15 ANN column "Answerman - Will Manga Go Public Domain?" mentions Manga-ka Shuho Sato has done this with his
    manga. Also, his Manga Reborn site is the closest to a legal scanlation site as you could get. In the forums, samuelp mentions that even Tezuka Producations is keeping the copyright to Tezuka's manga in mind. Of course, he does mention that they might go Disney and lobby for an extension.

    Actual question: has the hard-working Sam ever encountered an LN/WN author who made at least 1 of their titles royalty-fee, placed under the Japanese Creative Commons, or made it a dedicated work? If so, what was their reason for doing this?

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