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    Hello, I am going to buy a couple of epub. Do you make more money off Amazon or Kobo? Currently not interested in subscription yet.

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    This is a quote from a different thread reagarding where to buy from:

    @Sam-Pinansky said in Where is best place to purchase the books...:

    @Cole-Seeley When you ask about "best", what do you mean? Which way gives the most money back to the Japanese publisher?

    Actually I've arranged the numbers where the premium credits or amazon sales both give about the same amount of royalties back to the Japanese publisher per book.
    Some of our translators can elect to get a share of those proceeds as part of their pay, too, and in that case the premium credits contribute more to the translator/editor.

    Kobo and iBooks actually would be the place that takes the smallest % of the retail price for distribution (amazon charges a fee per MB of the downloaded file).

    But it's really about which ecosystem/file format you can most easily read the book in. If you own a kindle and just want your book on your kindle, Amazon is probably the way to go. If you only read on a computer or generic epub reader, them our Premium Ebooks will be the best quality (plus bonus content).

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