Any titles here with those really mature scenes?

  • Do any of the titles here have any love boy/girl love scenes or the start of such? Being a fan service fan, that is something thag would give me a reason to read said title. I know "Arifureta" (at leat I think the WN version) has some.ANY

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    @Kadmos1 Arifureta does...

    Mixed Bathing comes very close...

    My big sister lives in a fantasy world is 3rd place but nothing compared to Arifureta and Mixed Bathing.

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    Well, Arifureta have some vague one even in later volumes. But often they are just shortly mentioned. But I think there is one funny actuallly. Don´t expect Shinmai, Magika or Masou Gakuen level. (No publisher yet have balls to license something like that :D)

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    Unless it's a manga. I'm sure we'll get borderline hentai Light Novels once the market has expanded enough.

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    @Aruseus493 Manga hmmm, I have Shinmai from Seven Seas and DxD from YP. Like, they are lewd, but LN is simply much better. idk why, this manga series simply don´t give you that good vibe like the LN. (Seven Seas will release Shinmai: Storm manga under adult label actually :D) Also, Shinmai manga should end on vol 9 and honestly, latest chapter I read, I am super disappointed from manga.

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    @sparhawk6 The Shinmai manga adaption ended quite awhile ago and it only completed/covered what was in the 1st season of the anime adaption. Volume 9 will be releasing some point from now to the end of the year at the latest. The way the manga was paced just wasn't to my liking. And the light novels are set to conclude in the next volume.

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    @AratashiKun Well, there was recently released new chapter and there will be one more probably that will fill vol 9 that will be last. So yep, it end with vol 9 and not 8 I know cuz sadly I read it.
    My, I am up to date with LN so I know :D (Yes, Mio sex scene, I know)Same with DxD, Madan, Mahouka, etc etc.
    Also, author will continue with Hagure no Yuusha after he finish Shinmai. (That is what he says before)

  • @sparhawk6 when ever I need ecchi/hentai suggestions I know the man to come to xD. If you don't mind, I'd call you Hentai Master 😂

    While on this topic. Don't you hate these ecchi novels/anime that don't include the nipples? It's soo frustrating arghh. Not my favorite genre, but when I get into them, they better have nipples 😅. Which made me wonder if mixed bathing had nipples? Damn I've said nipples too many times... Nipples

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    @ImIlyaz Hahaha thanks for compliment, but I don´t read everything ecchi or borderline. I have just selected some titles that I like and most of them are actually popular. But I know one guy on animesuki forum, we call him erotora, he is a true hentai master :D (I know just some LN/WN here and there)

    I didn´t read mixed bathing actually. But I don´t like that kind of censorship that you mention. I still wait for Sam to license Hagure Yuusha cuz it is HJ I think and written by Shinmai author :D

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