Is RyuZu supposed to sound monotone?

  • I am watching the latest "Clockwork Planet" simuldub on (a streaming site where you can link your Funimation and Crunchyroll accounts and pay only $9.99/month for a multi-channel bundle). Ryuzu's English voice has kind of this monotone voice. If RyuZu was not supposed to be monotone, that is not Jeannie Tirados's fault in the dub as she is going off how the English dub director is ordering her.

    I haven't really read the LN version yet, but is RyuZu supposed to be monotone? If so, how would the translator write it to convey that tone? I think monotone can be easier to convey in audio than in written literature.

    P.S. Is Naoto as much of a jerk in the LN as the anime or a lot worse?

  • @Kadmos1 didn't like Naoto in the anime sure as hell don't like her in the LN as for the female leading mc I think her voice at times should be but not all the time. Maybe when chanting/rendering abilities I could see it being monotonic.

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    IMO, she's supposed to sound monotone (please note that I haven't watched the anime, because I try not to watch series if I'm working on the novel version so I don't get bored).

    In text, the way they speak can be conveyed a number of ways, but with RyuZU:

    1. We keep most of her dialogue uncontracted (for the most part, it's cannot instead of can't, etc). Part of this comes down to her background in general, but it helps give a feel of monotone/stuffiness, as well as vocabulary choice. When's the last time you heard someone with a huge vocabulary sound excited?

    2. Her actions. In novels, you can just as easily say "she spoke in a monotone voice." The author hasn't done that yet, though, but lets her other actions speak for her. She often has a calm/blank look on her face and her movements are very calculated. Using past cues from other books people have read, it's easy to create the monotone feel based on other things aside from just how her voice would sound.

    However, she does occasionally have (small) bouts of emotion. :)

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