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    Till now I have been buying all books published by J-novel on amazon and I was sure it is the best way to obtain them, but I had enough. Kindle on pc either makes the illustrations incedibly small or huge and setting it up every single time when a new pic comes just so I can read the text on it or see the cut out parts is starting to really get on my nerves. Now I know that I should have been buying them directly from your site to avoid problems like that and read them on calibre instead, but I am a person that likes to have his entire collection in one place so switching now is not really an option. On the other hand rebuying all 30 volumes of different light novels I already bought is not really something I can do with my meager wallet. Is there any way to make those illustrations on kindle more acceptable? Or at least the same size. I tried converting it to calibre but even after intensive google search, youtube tutorials and stuff I can not get it to work. Is there anything that can be done or am I forever going to ruin my reading mood by stopping in the middle to change all settings just to be able to view the entire illustration, only to stop again when another ones comes and change it all again. Or maybe this is a problem that appears only on PC`s kindle and I should just buy a proper one?


    If i set this to look normally:
    alt text

    Than this one will look like that:
    alt text

    But if I set this one so it doesn`t cut any part of it:
    alt text

    It turns out not only too small but it also makes this one look even worse:
    alt text

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    There are only two was to have every image be full screen. One is to to split up the landscape into two halves....
    The other would be to manually rotate the landscape pictures 90 degrees in the image file...

    I don't know of any way to tell the kindle "display this image in landscape mode"... other than manually changing settings.

    At least it's only an issue for the front color illustrations, right? Doing it once per book isn't exactly such a huge deal.

  • That's more of a reader's lack of functionality rather than j-novel's layout problem. "Fixing" by splitting or rotating images on j-novel's end would make it worse for some other readers and looking at this soon-to-be-6-year-old thread (one of first links in google) there's not much chance Amazon is fixing PC reader soon.

    Or maybe this is a problem that appears only on PC`s kindle and I should just buy a proper one?

    FWIW even old(ish) kindle4 isn't dumb enough to crop off pictures like seen on your screenshot so this might work. Just make sure to check forums and such to see if it actually works.
    You can also try cloud reader which seems to have that basic functionality. Alternatively, strip DRM and try some third-party readers (but i guess that was "I can not get it to work" part you mentioned).

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    Thank you for answering. Looks that I will have to live with that, at least till buying a proper kindle. Like Sam said it is not really a problem I have to deal with more than once per book, but simply knowing that for the same price I could view every picture, not only in a more user friendly style, but in better quality as well is driving me nuts.

    I really regret my decision from few months ago, when after trying premium membership on J-novel I still decided to get them directly from amazon. If there will ever be any chance for people who already bought a lot of e-books on amazon to obtain them in a different format, to buy additional premium content or obtain high quality illustrations for them, let me know.

    I really considered getting premium right now and gathering my collection from the scratch, but the perspective of buying again 30 of them is making my wallet cry, especially when so many new volumes comes out every month.

    One might say that why should I buy them all again, if I could just focus on getting new ones in proper quality. Which may work for some people, but I really like to re-read bits and pieces and watch every illustration in previous volumes, when a new one comes out, and not having them all in one place feels like visiting three or four different houses just to take a look at your entire figurine/games/books/whatever collection when you know that this positive feeling you have while watching it would be the strongest by putting it all together.

    OK I am probably not making much sense anymore so I will stop here. Just wanted to vent out my irritation that was building inside for the last few days, sorry about that and thank you for reading.

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    @Eirhime I would not recommend a Kindle. There are better e-readers. Buying a Kindle is comitting to one bookstore for all books, and you've already seen some of the problems that can result. Even the Nook can read books from Kobo, JNC, and lots of other places.

    Personally, I use an Icarus Illumina. It's awesome.

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