Are you kidding me?

  • Seven Seas gets back into doing light novels but absolutely nothing on Boogiepop, Ballad of a Shinigami, etc? What a slap in the face, honestly.

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    It actually makes a pretty aching amount of sense in the world of publishing. If something had to be dropped for one reason or another, most companies would like pretty much all of those series to get picked back up and finished eventually, but they know things don't quite work that way. This is something I've learned from various publisher's answers on Tumblr, Twitter, etc, lol.

    It's been so long since then, and no matter the reason, when the stores that actually sell the books see that a title was dropped, they are hesitant to stock them. There would be less trouble in that regard if they could at least go digital, maybe, but that is the sad reality of things. I could see it happening sometime, but perhaps, not this soon.

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    They aren't really doing light novels. They are only printing the stuff J-Novel Club translated. That is it. And I don't think this forum is the right place to complain about that -__-

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    @Hakomari They're doing Lodoss War too (which I'm stoked for) so not just J-Novel stuff

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    @the-green-death said in Are you kidding me?:

    Lodoss War

    I was about to mention that, too. But what I was gonna say was they were at least starting to do Japanese novels, a step up from just Japanese style illustrations (or Japanese artist's illustrations) in western novels.

    Since I was aware that well, Lodoss isn't quite considered a light novel, even judging by Seven Sea's own article announcing it. Still tough to hold back my excitement, and I'm certainly hoping to see it as more goodness to come.

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    They're also publishing Perfect Blue novels. I'm in for both these and Lodoss War since I don't know the source material well, so it'll be fresh.

    Bit off topic, but on the subject of "novel" vs "light novel", I feel like Sound! Euphonium has been referred to as an LN despite having no illustrations in the work. Those have to be novel novels, right?

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    @Terrence Most likely, it is just a novel novel. People might not know but not only is it referred to as just a novel on Wikipedia, but MAL not having a page in the database for it may be the biggest clue. Normally, the only novels they list are light novels, especially ones that have some creative link to anime or manga, even if it's just the artist that illustrated for another manga or something. Last I saw, they didn't have the From the New World novel, either.

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    Lodoss is (was) Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko. It's every bit as much a light novel as Haruhi or KonoSuba or any other series from that label.

    Hibike! Euphonium is a regular novel, though, yes.

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    @kuuderes_shadow one thing that makes the euphonium situation more complicated is that while the original novels are novels the spinoff novels are light novels.


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    I suppose while I know some things, unfortunately enough, light novel specific things are a lot more iffy. Huh.

    Anyway the first three Boogipop LNs are getting a digital release, so maybe continuing with these may be sooner than I expected.

    And besides the physical releases of JNC stuff, they got Toradora as well (YES!), so there's absolutely no way any of us can say they haven't been doing light novels again anymore.

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