Arifureta Spin-Off Chapter 1 Released, Overlap RT Challenge for Bonus Illustrations, & Realist Hero (Manga) Chapter 1 Released

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    The first chapter of the Arifureta Comedy Spin-off has come out here. Anyone know what a good translation for the title would be? I'm adding it to MAL cause Arifureta is my love. Would be nice if someone could tell me who the artist is and what else they've done. Comic Gardo Page

    Warning though that it shows a character from volume 3 and has spoilers at least through the end of volume 1. Not sure exactly what is everything in it since I can't read Japanese. ;P

    Next up, Overlap has started a ReTweet Challenge where they'll release bonus illustrations for various series based on how many retweets this gets. So yea, retweet it and we'll get something Arifureta related at 1000.

    Lastly, Realist Hero's manga adpatation has finally started publication here. Which means big news! I can finally submit the LN to MAL once the manga is approved. (No seriously, I fucking hate MAL's LN policies.) Gonna submit the manga soon, anyone know who the artist is and what other works they've done? (Same question as the Arifureta spin-off since I'm trying to add this into the MAL database.)

  • For the Arifureta spin-off, the artist is Mori Misaki, and for Realist Hero is Ueda Satoshi

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