Mixed Bathing volume 4 on Kobo store?

  • Hi, just wanted to check whether volume 4 of Mixed Bathing has been added properly to the Kobo store? It's available for purchase, but the preview on the store page still shows a very abbreviated text-only one-page preview, whereas the other two that came out today (Arifureta volume 2 and Apocalypse volume 4) have already been updated to show proper full previews with covers and everything.

    AFAIK the previews are generated automatically from whatever the actual book file is since they update for fixes and stuff (like when Grimgar volume 1 was updated to fix a formatting error or when Yen updated SAO Progressive volume 1 to replace accidental textless illustrations). So the lack of proper preview makes me worried about whether the entry was updated properly with the final book.



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    @catscope I just double checked and indeed the final version hasn't been updated yet... I've gone and reuploaded it again.

    I'm pretty sure I uploaded it to the store a few days ago but for some reason it didn't get republished.

    If there was anyone who pre-ordered and didn't get the final version please make sure to contact kobo to get the final version in ~ 24 hours when it should be updated.

  • @Sam-Pinansky Thank you!

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