Will J-Novel ever do manga?

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    As the title says, I was wondering if J-Novel would ever consider also translating manga series. Which I assume that the answer is no, because, well the website is called J-Novel.

    I think that this question was already made a while back, but I don't remember the answer. If it got any at all.

    I ask this because I have been considering buying some digital manga lately, but I don't seem to find the right place to do so. Then I thought how great it would be if J-Novel also had manga, and well now i'm here asking :sweat_smile: (... and maybe regretting)

    Bookwalker seems a nice place, but I wanted to have it all in Calibre, so I'm not the biggest fan of the way that their e-books work.

    Also, any recommendation of websites to buy digital manga? It seems that the easiest places are websites like amazon, Kobo, etc

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    Yeah, comixology, Amazon and Viz are probably the easiest that I've used but I buy largely through BookWalker, because I really like their "Japanese-ness", plus they have pretty great sales (Realist Hero, Grimgar and (I think) Isekai Smartphone are all on sale right now).

    These days I'm also spending less overall and trying to direct my money away from Big Boxes too, as I personally like a more diverse retail landscape. So even though I spend less, I'm happy to pay 10% more to not always use Amazon.

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    @the-green-death Oh, comixology. Forgot about that. Will check it out. Was under the impression that it was more for English comics.

    Yeah, Bookwalker seems good. I really like their website. It's just that we can only read their stuff on their website/app which I find it to be a big downside. Really want to have everything in one place.

    I buy the J-Novel series on J-novel, especially because of the bonus content. but thanks for the advice anyway.

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    So, after thinking things for a while I probably will try buying from Amazon (Just to try it out).
    Can I read their stuff on pc using another app, or does it need to be the kindle pc app that they have?

    I downloaded a sample from one of their manga and managed to add it to Calibre and then when on Calibre I could open it with a comic reading app(CDisplay) and read it just fine. I'm under the impression that the same is possible with a bought volume, please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Also, for some reason when I add a volume (Kindle Edition) to my wishlist, the price shown in the wishlist is lower than on its page. Anyone knows the reason for it? and which price is the right one?

    I never used Amazon, so sorry if these questions are common knowledge.

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    @pmf96 Normally Amazon has DRM protected contents.

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    @saskir Oh... Then, I can't open it with other apps on the PC, right?
    Well, that sucks. Especially since the Kindle app on PC is quite horrible to read manga.
    How do people read manga e-books anyways? On tablets maybe? I guess that would be easier.
    I'm finding quite hilarious that is a lot easier to buy a physical volume and read it than a digital one. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
    Ah... This is quite frustrating.

    I guess that Bookwalker is the way to go. I do dislike the fact that I can't have it all on calibre. But at least they have a good enough PC app for reading manga and their website is great. Though, the library could look better. Especially on the android app.

    I'm asking myself why is that when you want to do everything by the book and buy/support the things you like you have a lot harder time than just read it for free on a random website online.
    Shouldn't be easier?

    Well, thank you for letting me know. Really glad that I waited and didn't bought it yesterday.

  • Have you tried the Kindle web app? https://read.amazon.com/
    You can also read "kindle" manga on comixology web reader, if you link/sign in with your amazon account.

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    @zpb Isn't the same as the pc app? I like to have it a little zoomed in, since a lot of the words are small and I can't really read it, and the Kindle apps don't even seem to have the option to zoom in.

    Thanks, didn't know that. Though, I also don't like their webreader that much.
    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I was going to buy from Amazon because I thought that we could open their e-books using another app on pc, like we can with the J-Novel e-books, but that doesn't seem to be the case, in fact, I don't even think that it exists a place like that at all. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)
    So I will try Bookwalker. Though, tbh I kinda lost the interest that I had after all this :sweat_smile:

  • @Pmf96 I don't know if it's the same or not, since I rarely use Windows. I also avoid Bookwalker because their web reader is so slow to load pages, I end up staring at 'Loading...' images sometimes for 20 seconds on a 100mbit connection.

    There's a widely known calibre addon that strips DRM from kindle's azw files. The Kindle app should download the azw files to your documents folder.

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    @pmf96 Something different. As you mentioned Calibre. I would recommend Comicrack for digital comics. Can download the metadata from comicvine, has an iOS and Android app and can track your reading progress. Only downpoint is that it seems that there will be no new version of it. Seems like the programmer abandoned it. Still works like a charm but it is noteworthy that you can not use the iOS app after they go over to the 64bit architecture (except you stay on the old iOS). Same will surely happen with Android.

    But as noted, digital manga has usually some kinda DRM. So you would need to strip it (which is in some countries illegal, in others it is allowed. Nice global world we live in, huh.

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    @zpb The reader app for Bookwalker is pretty good and loads everything properly.
    Will will check out that calibre addon. Thank you.

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    @saskir I actually have that installed. From the little that I used, I do think that it's good. Though, I prefer having it on Calibre (It really is just because I wanted to have everything in the same place). Plus I can open them using another app while still having them on Calibre. I'm using Cdisplay. It's a really simple and easy to use app that does everything that I need. It's really a comfortable app to read with.

    ...and well, if I have to have them all in another place, I probably would just pick Bookwalker. Not because of their app library, since it actually is really bad, but just cause that way I wouldn't have to bother with anything else, and well, I could buy from them. Which actually is something that I want to do, but the fact that I only can have their ebooks on their apps and can only read using them is preventing me from doing it so.
    That said, I probably will still buy from them :sweat_smile: ... though the calibre addon that someone mentioned is looking pretty good :thinking:

    Wait, is it legal to remove the DRM in some countries?? Well, wth. Do you know how to find out which countries can do that? Just made a quick search and didn't find anything.

    Thanks for the suggestion and the DRM thing, that I didn't know.

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    @pmf96 I can only talk about laws regarding DVDs but as those have also an encryption system it could be a good bet to assume the same applies to books. If you own it (and yep this is the groundwork for this) you can make copies (which would also include removing DRM) in Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Australia and New Zealand.

    A country which has no real copyright law is China and as far as I recall Japan (although we all know how bookwalker stopped some fan translations of novels). Keep in mind that you should be careful with sharing those files, I am really talking about personal usage.

    Oh and it should be obvious but not only sharing, also making money out of it.

    Besides in this case wikipedia is a great help.

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    @saskir I'm from Portugal and it seems that we recently have been approved with the remotion of drm. I still need to check it better, but it was what understood from the various articles that I have read.
    Well, I ended up buying it from Amazon and removed the drm. Which is great since I can have it on Calibre, which was what I wanted from the start. Pretty happy tbh

    Thanks for the reply. I already knew that about sharing and making money, but still, thank you for the warning. I will be careful.

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