In Another World With My Smartphone: Volume 5?

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    I've checked the release calendar for August and September, and I've noticed that there's nothing about Smartphone Vol.5 for those 2 months.

    Does that mean it'll be delayed/stalled somehow, dropped or what?

    Just wanted a bit more info about this, if possible, since I still don't know how releases work here in cases like this, and what to expect.

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    First off the series was not dropped.

    Now regarding the schedule, typically at J-Novel the standard practice over here is that once a volume is fully translated there is a 1 - 2 week break before the next volume goes up on the site.

    Vol 4 just finished up last week on the 6th but that was a special case more then likely Volume 5 will go up on the 31st of this month or shortly after...

    The reason it's not listed in the schedule is cause they can't actually put it up in the schedule till the volume cover is prepared and approved.

    Last thing about the schedule I have said this in the past and I stand by it the release schedule at J-Novel is forever changing until a month is fully over the release schedule for that particular month is not set in stone.

    Also one last thing about Smartphone specifically normally the volumes were released to subscribers in 6 part batches but going forward that will be in the more tradiational 8 part batches.

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    One could ask the same question about several other series lately. Of the "Over 13 series updating weekly," I see only seven currently on the release calendar. I'm assuming that a few more will be returning shortly; it's just... suspenseful.

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    @woolymarmot the only series I am partially worried about is Mixed Bathing.

    All other series are either complete/currently being translatated/within that 1-2 week break period between volumes.

    Other then VRMMO which is past it's 3rd week off and SisKan which is currently in an alternate universe...

  • @rahul-balaggan I didn't know that, no wonder it's been getting volumes so fast. I though I was going crazy by looking at how many volumes were completed compared to Grimgar and Realist Hero.

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    @rahul-balaggan Mixed Bathing Volume 5 had just come out a little under a month ago in Japan.

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    @village-idiot that's the reason I am only partially worried instead of beating down the doors asking for answers.

    It's been around 4 weeks since it came out and I am hopeful the translations will start soon but I have no say over that. Main point of my prior statement is that mixed bathing right now falls outside of the "complete/currently being translatated/within that 1-2 week break period between volumes." area

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    @rahul-balaggan thanks for this. I was also wondering how it works, but didn't want to ask since I don't know if asking these kinds of questions is some kind of taboo thing on these forums.

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    @rahul-balaggan It could be that its on lower priority as Mixed Bathing 6 won't be coming out any time soon as it has completely caught up with the WN

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