Talkback Android Hints / Settings?

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    Anyone got any good hints for Talkback? Just started using it to read the site's books on Android after I noticed it has a continuous play option by shaking.

    It isn't my ideal solution for listening to the books from the site on my phone because:

    A) There's no easy button press to start stop, just the shaking motion for continuous use.

    B ) If you alter the media volume, turn off the screen, or do anything else to alter the screen, the talking stops. So it won't be great for putting in my pocket to listen to while walking.

    C) It announces dumb things, like, again, the volume control and other menu related functions. I can live with that, but not ideal.

    Ideally, I'd like a TTS menu option / button that will just read the page continuously (and it'd be great if it'd continue reading with the screen turned off, though that's probably more of a challenge; maybe some lock screen button so you can't accidentally bump off the window).

  • All this stuff is complicated for me so I just read the damn parts/volumes XD , also my new Store Director doesn't allow headphones anymore :( .

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    @hyferzftw said in Talkback Android Hints / Settings?:

    All this stuff is complicated for me so I just read the damn parts/volumes XD , also my new Store Director doesn't allow headphones anymore :( .


    ... I only listen in bed / working out.

    Google Play's Text to Speech is really easy to use and so is E-Reader Prestigio's for the DRM Free Premium Epubs. Outside of that, it's a crapshoot on Android.

    On PC, there's a few solutions, but they all have their quirks, glitches, or annoying popups.

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    So there are actually two methods I can use now for Text to Speech purposes on Android.

    1. Select to Speak - This can be found at the bottom of the Accessibility page in your settings.

    Pros - Icon based text to speech button on your screen (looks like a little speech bubble, can be dragged around the screen to somewhere least annoying). When opened, it has functionality for reading through the speech aloud, rewinding to a previous paragraph of the text, fast forwarding to the next line, and pausing.

    Cons - Shutting off the device and turning it back on will result in the speech stopping. It has to be restarted from the beginning. Again, you can skip through the text with the fast forward button.

    1. Shake to Start Continuous Reading - This can be found in the Talkback settings. Basically you shake the device to start reading a web page when Talkback is turned on.

    Pros - If you set this one right, turning off the device will not upset the playback, just pause it. You can turn of the device, turn it back on, then shake again to restart continuous reading.

    Cons - You cannot rewind. You cannot fast forward. You are stuck listening from beginning to end. If someone interrupts you during playback, you'll have to pause by turning off the device. Pausing basically means skipping a whole paragraph (it won't continue in the middle).

    I'll be using the former this week I think.

    Edit: After testing, it seems the first method doesn't always finish reading. It wouldn't go passed the chapter heading "Interlude" in Volume 3 Part 3 of Dendrogram. Obviously if this happens with every long section that has multiple chapter, that's a deal breaker.

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