Some basic questions.

  • Hello, I'm new to the site so forgive me for my ignorance.
    So as of now I'm only interested in a single series. "Invaders of the Rokujouma!?" and I'm not really interested in the subscribsion about getting access to previews, which brings me to the questions.
    In order to own a copy of the book I just need to buy it from amazon without passing through here?
    If I don't find let's say volume 23 on amazon, it means that is not fully translated and has yet to be released. Is not even on this site via subscription?
    I have never own an Ebook so, what exactly is a kindle book? once I get it can I just read it in my PC or other devices? do I need to get some program or App? and if that is the case are they free apps or not?
    sorry if this is something basic but I really don't know how any of this works.
    thanks for reading.

    PD: are there any plans for physical copies of the books? I would love to own all the volumes.

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    Hello, and welcome!

    Correct, you can just purchase the books on Amazon without a subscription here. If you're planning on buying a whole bunch of volumes in bulk, though, having the subscription here might still save you money. (There's also some minor premium stuff in the e-books we sell directly on the site. List: Here.)

    If it's not on Amazon, the volume isn't finished yet. If it's the most recent volume after the last one that's up on Amazon, the odds are good that it's currently being serialized on the site for subscribers, but isn't fully done yet.

    If you buy the books on amazon, you can read them on your kindle, on the website app they have, or any reader that supports .mobi files. You can also convert them with a program called Calibre and then use them in whatever e-book reader you prefer, or in Calibre itself. (Other people probably have better recommendations than me here.)

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    @peacemaker3 to add to what Sean said:

    they are currently doing something special with rokujouma, they are uploding the older volumes (volumes 1 -22) on Amazon for sale, and the newer volumes (volumes 23 forward) are put up here as part of the subscription.

    Currently volumes 1 - 6 are on Amazon to buy with a new volume being released every month.

    So that means it will be a long time before Volume 23 e-book goes up for sale. However volumes 23 & 24 are fully translated on the site for subscribers and 25 is currently being translated.

    As for physical versions of the book you'd be better off asking seven seas if the can do that. I wouldn't go so far as to say that seven seas is the physical distribution partner for J-Novel however they pick a select few series (have an anime, are recent, or are big e-book sellers) are print physical copies, like Grimgar, Occultic Nine, Arifureta, Clockwork.

  • Mr. McCann and Mr.Balaggan. thank you for providing me this information.
    I will more than likely subscribe and buy the books at a later date.

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