Infinite Dendrogram Volume 1 beyond part 1

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    Is there anything in between Volume 1 Part 1 and Volume 2 Part 1? If there is, why is it not accessible here?

  • @khanh-nguyen Membership on the site only allows you to read the latest translated volume; older volumes get taken down (except for first parts). Below is a reply from a previous time someone asked a similar question.

    @hatguy12 said in Realist Hero Vol 1 incomplete?!:

    From the FAQ page

    Volume X is no longer available? What gives?
    Once a volume has been published as an e-book, it is no longer available for pre-pub reading.
    Please support the author by purchasing the official e-book!
    Or you can sign up for a Premium membership and use your premium credit to download the premium ebook straight from our site!

    Membership allows you to read the latest volume being translated (unless there is another "catch-up week"). After the ebook gets published, the volume gets taken down for reading on the site.

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    @hatguy12 After all, we're just paying for the pre-pub and not access to the whole story? It wasn't made clear on the details and no hint from the listing that there are missing parts. Though I got some hint that there might be missing parts but they are easy to dismiss, specially when you're reading on mobile phone only.

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