Display error on android version for Smartphone volume 5 part 5

  • At 87%, the last line is "Or maybe it could be called something more akin to" there reset is only partially available at visible at the bottom where the sentence is cut off. I was able to confirmed that this page displayed correct on the browser version.

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    I saw two similar sections on iOS so I'm guessing it's a problem with the rendering engine.

  • Something more or less fitting the description happens when HTML is broken (browsers omit less than app), though OP could mean something else because I don't see any problems with that part. A screenshot would be appreciated.

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    Here it is on iOS 10

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    Screenshot of Render Issue

  • I'm using Android 8.0, here is how it looks on my end:
    [https://pasteboard.co/GL70RMm.png](link url)
    You can just barely make out the tops of the letters.

    In an unrelated note, progress% periodically hiccups and displays two pages with the same % and the last page isn't 100%

  • previous page
    I guess I can reproduce it as well. The paragraph itself renders fine thanks to a slightly larger resolution, but previous page makes it obvious that the long paragraph in question failed to split somehow (could be simply length, could be also be italics in addition to that or something else entirely). Incidentally, this is the longest paragraph among currently available prepubs. Arifureta V3P3@36% and Grimgar V5P5@39% also has long paragraphs, former has italics and it doesn't get split either. After flipping pages a bit I'm pretty certain it can't split paragraphs with italics. Never noticed that myself because I usually use scrolling reader.
    The HTML thing I mentioned earlier was different and it looks like this: (couple of words are missing before gray text)
    old screenshot

  • I had a similar issue that I reported in the thread for this volume, in that the text cut off oddly at the bottom of the page. Some of your screenshots have text that was missing entirely for me.

    alt text
    alt text

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