Thanks for Outbreak Company!

  • To show my heartfelt gratitude to J-Novel for bringing Outbreak Company from the depth of forgotten memories to us - readers, I'm switching to Premium Subscription!

    At last, a light novel that I dreamed to read for a very long time will be brought to the light. Thanks!

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    Glad to hear you're excited. Hope you enjoy it!

  • I guess I'll post my thanks (again), in this thread.
    Outbreak Company was my favourite show back in Fall 2013. Being able to read its source material in English is a dream come true for me. I'll buy every last volume for sure. This license has made me love JNC even more. Thanks guys.

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    I didn’t really have expectations for this but am loving Outbreak Company far more than the concept had me expecting, and the translation is really great. If the quality keeps up it’ll definitely be one of my favorite JNovel series and I’m really happy for all your hard work!

  • @kevin-s said in Thanks for Outbreak Company!:

    Glad to hear you're excited. Hope you enjoy it!

    Of course I am. There are 18 volumes of goodness. And those who knew Japanese Language, called anime a fake compared to a Light Novel - it is THAT amazing (according to the reviews).