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    In How Not to Summon a Demon Lord v1ch6 the office of the GM is said to be 10 sqft in size in the translation. That seems fine for small rabbit people, but I think it should be 10 feet sqaired (= 100 sqft or 9m^2).

    Seeing this, is there a guideline you're using for Metric vs Imperial? It seems like this varies by translator, which makes the books read inconsistently. I think it would be both easier and better to use the same system as the author of the LN/WN uses to prevent unit conversion mistakes.

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    Having stuff in imperial units is one of my biggest bugbears when it comes to American translations of stuff. I always then have to reconvert it back into metric, sometimes by starting up my computer solely in order to look up some unfamiliar unit, and then guess at what the original figure probably was.

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    I honestly would rather just see them keep the Metric. We may not use it regularly, but I think by this point most Americans are used to seeing it.

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    Hey all, TL here. This one was my bad! I messed up and put the units in sq feet (because of my dumb American brain) when they should have been square meters. The size of the room is said to be about 6 tatami mats, which is roughly 9.92 square meters or so. I rounded that up to 10, but as you saw, left it in sq feet, hence this whole mix-up.

    @mattashii Thank you for pointing this out, will talk to the editor to get this changed!

  • @soldierblue nah dude it's all good for me I'm not picky about that sort of stuff, just keep doing that awesome job of translating.

  • I spent ages trying to figure out the units in Youjo Senki; IIRC Crunchyroll used different units but the same numbers to the then fan translation of the novels, while checking the Japanese novels the units were almost always left out...