Verification Mail

  • Well i made my account some months ago never went to be a subscribing member. So now i am back because i wanna try something...(the code that u gave at the end of survey, can be used without subscribing??? I mean if i use it somehow? I will have a week free to try out???.... also just so you know i am nit a freeby xD i just wait for the paypal to be established so i can subscribe)..
    Anyway!! The problem now.. well... i loged into my forum account (for some reason i can log to the same account with 2 mails, one hotmail the other gmail is that normal?? I cant remember from back then) and then went to log in so as, as i said, try getting free one week without subscribing BUT it says i have not verified the mail jeez... i searched many hours still didnt find any past mail from back then. So what can be done now? Can you help me?? I am waiting your positive reply xD.

  • Well never mind jeez, i found that i must log with my gmail. Also i didnt... well just forget what i said i have another problem now..