Code from survey! May the Gods hear me!

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    How i can use it?? I must subscribe? Or i can use it somehow without subcribing so i have a week free trial?
    I have a forum account and a normal accound... if gods are good and.. you said...lets be EXTRA nice this october... and so by just owning an account with that code i can have 1 free week!
    Then can you tell me how and where i fill this code??? I am still positive... that what i got from what you said is actually what u meant xD
    I am waiting ur answearrrr
    Also i am not a freeby as i said just my friends and I are waiting the paypal method to be established xD

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    @ouranos When you go to subscribe for a membership, there's a text box to enter a coupon code. You need to have a valid payment method to redeem it at that point.

    You won't be charged anything for one week, so if you cancel before one week, you won't be charged anything at all.

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    @ouranos said in Code from survey! May the Gods hear me!:

    paypal method to be established

    Not saying never but don’t hold your breath...

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    Hope dies last so i will hold ma breath!
    But yeah... i think it will be at least summer without paypal... but whatever i was had the amount if patience to wait for almost a year xD...

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